Kitchens Fire Systems (K.F.S)


We provide Semi-annual service to your Restaurant Fire System. 

We always work around your cooking schedule to make sure your kitchen fire systems are safe and up to fire code

FM200 Gas based Fire Suppression Systems


The proposed fire fighting/fire alarm system is highly recommended in environments where water based  system is not applicable.


The prime objective of this technique is to constantly detect smokes of different natures and then release
a gaseous fire extinguishing agent at a calculated density without damaging the IT equipment of high value and harming human life

Fire sprinkler systems


Fire water refers to water that has been used in fire fighting and requires disposal. In many cases it is a highly polluting material and requires special care in its disposal

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire suppression System


CO2 fire systems work by replacing oxygen with carbon dioxide, which is heavier than oxygen and by cooling the fuel.

The CO2 is released under high pressure and changes from a liquid to a mist of tiny dry ice particles which look like snow. The CO2 absorbs the heat and smothers the fire within seconds.


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